It seems that business that disappeared during the pandemic is coming back with gusto. Loans are starting to be replaced by asset finance for manufacturing and good transport though public transport is sluggish. Busses and coaches are not yet returning to their pre-infection fear levels.

Many of our commercial asset finance broker clients are acquiring ARs and the system set up for new joiners is our sort of business challenge.

We are now covering client requirements stretching from a single new person with a login and company email being archived to far more complex organisations and security compartments.

There are people joining who are business owners expecting their own email and branding and a secure private area of the database for them selves. Then there are requirements for the security compartments within compartments. Many brokers have requested a private branch area. One or two directors of a “sub firm” or branch managers of a branch may see all their business including their staff’s business pipeline and funding proposals. However, the reps can only see their own individual clients and business pipelines. Confidentiality may be applied at the vertical or horizontal level. For example, clients, suppliers and prospects may be private to one business rep. However, funders should be available to many. All these choices are available to make sure trust is maintained in the sales force. After all, good fences make good neighbours!

The confidentiality and careful consideration of business ownership extends into every area of the system. For example, one person who sends out email marketing should reap the rewards for their initiative. Nobody else should see the prospects which prospects clicked on whichever articles they wrote that day.